Álftafjörður is the most populated fjord in Súðavíkurhreppur, with the village of Súðavík resting on its western shore.

The fjord itself is defined by the distinctive and magical mount Kofri which rises to peak at 800 meters and is said to hold magical healing powers in its stones. Those who walk the path to its summit are offered spectacular views over the whole area, including down to the Langeyri natural harbour where Iceland’s first whale processing factory was built by the Norwegian Svend Foyne in 1883, and from there the first Icelandic whaler set sail a few years later.


Highlight – Valagil

At the bottom of the Álftafjörður fjord you will find the trail head of ancient hiking paths which connect the area with those of Ísafjörður and Þingeyri. It is a short walk from here that you will reach the thunderous and locally popular Valagil waterfalls and canyon where water cascades from the mountains above over a series of powerful falls.